In MICROBUS_Y_TAXIS_CASADO, _S.L.U. we are dedicated to the transport of travelers by road, being our main concern the quality of the services that we offer to the users of the same, at the same time that we use the most respectful technologies with the environment and economically viable.

In MICROBUS_Y_TAXIS_CASADO, _S.L.U. We understand Quality as the management instrument through which activities are planned and developed, in order to achieve compliance with the established legal requirements and the specifications of our services, while obtaining the satisfaction of our Clients and users.

Every employee of MICROBUS_Y_TAXIS_CASADO, _S.LU, from the address to the most recent entry, must have in mind the orientation to the client, making it a common goal and the fundamental axis of MICROBUS_Y_TAXIS_CASADO, _S.LU, that allows us to know the needs, complaints, suggestions and wishes of our customers and satisfy them fully.

That is why in MICROBUS_Y_TAXIS_CASADO, _S.L.U. we have opted for the adoption of a management model according to the standards UNE EN ISO 9001: 2008, UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2004 and UNE-EN 13816: 2003, and the implementation of a Quality and Environment Policy, which is sustained in the following premises, which are at the same time the frame of reference for the establishment of our objectives and goals:

The Address of MICROBUS_Y_TAXIS_CASADO, _S.L.U. assumes the following commitments:

  • Establish, comply with and properly review this Quality and Environment Policy and distribute it to all employees so that it is known by them, being available to any person who is interested.
  • Annually, objectives and goals of quality and environment are established, consistent with this Policy, controlling its achievement and our progress.
  • Implement, maintain and improve a Quality and Environment System in accordance with the provisions of the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2008, UNE-EN 13816 and UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2004 standards.
  • Constantly assess the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the Quality and Environment System to ensure that the services comply with the client’s requirements as well as with the legal and regulatory ones and communicate their importance to the rest of the organization, in the same way we will establish our own standards where they do not exist.
  • Prevent pollution and look for ways and strategies to reduce the environmental impacts of our processes.
  • To promote the improvement of the efficiency in the consumption of energy and the preference of renewable energy sources over non-renewable sources when and where feasible.
  • Conserve natural resources through the reuse and recycling of materials.
  • Maintain an open and collaborative relationship with public bodies and other groups interested in our activities and act quickly and responsibly in correcting incidents or circumstances that may entail a risk to health, safety or the environment.
  • Provide adequate training and awareness to our workers to develop good environmental practices.
  • The Client is the main protagonist of our activity, so we must know him, detect his needs and keep him satisfied.
  • Incorporate new technologies to provide services.
  • Provide a homogeneous service and systematize processes and action methodology.
  • Encourage internal communication in order to promote a participatory environment among workers and involve them in the achievement of objectives.
  • Strengthen relationships with transport providers to achieve a mutually beneficial collaboration.
  • Consider the continuous improvement of quality a permanent objective that increases the quality perceived by travelers.
  • Involve our personnel, through training and information and with their contributions, in the achievement of the Continuous Improvement that we pursue to carry out the services we provide.
  • Identify, evaluate and review the objectives and environmental aspects related to the activity of the organization.
  • The use of vehicles to ensure compliance with the regulations on environmental safety.

The address of MICROBUS_Y_TAXIS_CASADO, _S.L.U. With the implementation of the UNE EN 13816 standard, the permanent will to improve a commitment with our customers has been specified, which requires us to assume optimal and permanent quality service levels, in accordance with the requirements of the Standard that we are obliged to comply with:

  1. Service offered on the line.
  2. Information.
  3. Accessibility.
  4. Time (punctuality and regularity).
  5. Customer Support.
  6. Comfort.
  7. Security.
  8. Environmental impact.

What should be translated into getting the trust of our customers: good image, loyalty and control of spending.

Therefore, the Management is committed to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality and Environmental Management System through system reviews and the establishment and monitoring of quality and environmental objectives and goals.

This Quality and Environmental Policy is understood, implemented and maintained up to date at all levels of the organization and has the TOTAL COMMITMENT of the Management of MICROBUS_Y_TAXIS_CASADO, _S.L.U. that establishes, develops and applies.

To achieve these commitments, the Management of MICROBUS_Y_TAXIS_CASADO, _S.L.U. It is committed to ensuring that all necessary resources are available to the extent necessary, as well as applying environmental management principles and practices.



ALMERIA, July 25, 2012