img-20130214-wa0000The Municipality of Carboneras has opened a new urban transport service so that the inhabitants of the different districts of Carboneras can have a direct connection with the municipality at least once a week. This service is a pioneer in the municipality and, as the councilor of Barriadas, Antonio Zamora, says is “a demand that the residents of the different districts have been asking for a long time so we have only met their demands. In addition, it will be especially geared towards older people in the districts who are usually those who have less means of transportation to get to Carboneras and have to depend on family and friends. With this service we all win in autonomy”.

After several meetings held with the transport companies of the municipality and with a predisposition for all collaboration with all parties yesterday, a final agreement was reached in which the City of Carboneras will subsidize part of the cost of the service. “This is a service that is offered for the first time in our municipality which means that we will have to check its viability, but the managers of the companies that will participate, like us, the Government Team, we can only say that we are here for the service of all the charcoal burners and it is time to make a small effort, “said Zamora in the presence of the managers of the companies with which the agreement was signed, Antonio Casado, from Autos Casado Andalucía; and Marcos Plaza, of Autocares Plaza.

To conclude, the mayor of Barriadas “wants to thank the entire predisposition that have always had the two transport companies that have signed the agreement with the City of Carboneras, Autos Casado and Autocares Plaza.

Carboneras will have transportation to connect with slums every Thursday, always coinciding with the market held in the municipality. There will be two different routes: one will start in the morning at 8.20 am in the neighborhood of Argamasón, continue through the neighborhoods of Gafares, Cueva del Pájaro, Saltador, El Isrica La Cumbre and Los Patricios. The other route will link El Llano Don Antonio with Carboneras at 9.10 am. Both routes will end at the bus stop in Carboneras.

The time of return to the different districts will be: for the Llano Don Antonio at 14.35 and for all the other neighborhoods at 14.45. The departure will also be from the bus stop of the municipality. The cost of this service for those who use it will be 1.25 euros each ticket for the trip.