AUTOS_CASADO_ANDALUCÍA is the commercial name of the company MICROBÚS_Y_TAXIS_CASADO_S.L.U. with CIF: B-04294559 (Register R.Mercantil de Almería, Volume 413, Book 0, Folio 39, Section 8, Sheet 11.107, Inscription 1), wants to make known, through this text, what are the criteria and rules that follows regarding the use of personal data that any user, freely and voluntarily, facilitates through its corporate website, in

It is also intended to inform our compliance with the Intellectual Property Law (LPI) as well as the LSSI (Law of the Information Society).

1. MICROBÚS_Y_TAXIS_CASADO_S.L.U. (hereinafter AUTOS_CASADO_ANDALUCÍA), has adopted the measures and levels of security required by the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, of Personal Data (LOPD) and its implementing regulations. The criteria and rules, that is, the Data Protection Policy adopted by AUTOS_CASADO_ANDALUCÍA, may vary over time, due to possible legislative changes or the criteria followed by the Data Protection Agency. Any change that may occur in this regard, will be communicated through this page.

2. The data obtained by AUTOSCASADO ANDALUCÍA through the existing forms on its website,, will be incorporated into an automated data file and will be processed. This automated data file is the property of AUTOS_CASADO_ANDALUCÍA.

3. The purpose of collecting and processing the data is to carry out the correct management and provision of the services offered by AUTOS_CASADO_ANDALUCÍA to its customers and suppliers.

4. The completion of forms or sending emails or other communications to, implies the express consent of the user to the processing of their personal data by AUTOS_CASADO_ANDALUCÍA.

5. The personal data provided to AUTOS_CASADO_ANDALUCÍA through its website,, will not be assigned to any company and will only be used to comply with the contractual obligations established with its customers and suppliers.

6. AUTOS_CASADO_ANDALUCÍA has adopted the security levels appropriate to the data it stores and processes. In addition, AUTOS_CASADO_ANDALUCÍA has installed all the means and technical measures at its disposal to guarantee the confidentiality of the data, to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the same.

7. Any user who wishes may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Personal Data (LOPD) and other regulations applicable to the effect, by sending a written and signed request, including your name, surnames and photocopy of the DNI or other valid document, in which you request the exercise of those rights you want, to MICROBÚS_Y_TAXIS_CASADO_S.LU with CIF: B-04294559 (Register R.Mercantil de Almería, Volume 413, Book 0, Folio 39, Section 8, Sheet 11.107, 1st Inscription, 1st Inscription), Responsible for the File, to the address: C / San Fernando , 17 in Carboneras 04140 Almería SPAIN or by sending an email to:

This service will have no cost to the applicant.

8. All information and programs collected here are intended for effective compliance with the rights set forth in article 31 RD / 1/1996 approving the revised text of the Intellectual Property Law (LPI), in particular reference to the article 31.2 LPI, and in accordance with what is stated in article 100.2 of this same law.

9. All images, brands, abbreviations, etc. they belong to their respective owners and we only use them as an appointment and / or as an expression of current events, as authorized by Art. 32 and 33 of the LPI.

10. The AUTOSCASADO ANDALUCÍA portal. informs that the design, the sources and the windows exposed on this website are subject to Copyright and under Copyright, reserving all rights by virtue and prohibiting their total or partial reproduction.

11. The main purpose of the LSSI suggests a computerized file for the processing of personal data at the level of the Network in Spain, which the Organic Law on Data Protection in Title IV, Chapter I defines as Public Ownership Files, since it is it is a computerized file of personal data at the level of the network that should also be controlled by the Spanish Data Protection Agency, an entity independent of the Administration.

12. Exposed the points and to comply with the requirements of the LSSI and without intending to impede the application of said law, the webmasters of this page will send the information of your personal data to any person or entity that has a direct and legitimate interest developing Art. 4.1 of the Data Protection Law. Personal data can only be collected for processing, and subject to such treatment, when appropriate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the scope and the specific, explicit and legitimate purposes for which they were obtained. For this you can request it after explaining reasons to The webmasters of this website try to avoid the unauthorized use of their personal data by third parties under the Data Protection Act, and wish to comply with the obligations of the LSSI.

13. When a user accesses the web page of AUTOS_CASADO_ANDALUCÍA, the computer where the web page is hosted automatically recognizes the IP address assigned to the computer making the connection, the day and time it entered, the day and the time at which the connection has been abandoned, and in which contents of the web page the user has entered. It is necessary that the computer where the AUTOS_CASADO_ANDALUCÍA website is hosted knows this information from the user’s computer because it must be able to communicate with it to send data requested by the user through the browser and that they can see it on their screen. It is not possible that in this way AUTOS_CASADO_ANDALUCÍA can know the user’s personal data such as their name, address, telephone number, etc. if it has not been the user who has provided them.

14. The computer where the AUTOS_CASADO_ANDALUCÍA website is hosted uses cookies. Cookies are small files that the web server sends to the user’s computer, but do not provide information about their name or any other personal data of the same. The user can configure his browser to warn him on his screen that he will receive a cookie. If you want more information, you should consult the help menu of your browser. If you decide that your computer does not receive the cookies that can be sent to you, this will not prevent you from accessing the information on the AUTOS_CASADO_ANDALUCÍA website.